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. we are live where a teen was shot and killed at an elementary school, we will tell you why his friends say he was shot over a dice game. and another life is claimed, they are mourning a high school football player after a deadly school fight. and the overnight development that has somebody facing murder charges this murder, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, i am brian
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flores. >> and i am pam cook. we have steve paulson with the weather. i'm sure north bay will start to thicken up but another nice day and now here is sal. good morning traffic is doing well around the bay area and it is foggy in some places and clear in others so use care for example in oakland fog near the downtown area, pretty thick there but not in lafayette. the fog is not near the coliseum and if you look up the freeway, there is some roadwork, near high street so let's be careful. alameda county sheriff's deputies are investigating a deadly shooting at a san leandro elementary school. tara moriarty has more about the young victim. >> reporter: we are here at the
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elementary school where the sheriff's deputies have the entire roads blocked off and they are in the back collecting evidence. we are at a field where we are told the shooting happened nearby and they have the area lit up pretty well. friends of the young man said he was playing a dice game when somebody shot him in the back to your times. he was transported to the hospital but later died. witnesses say several people were running from the scene and alameda county sheriff's deputies did not locate any suspects. we spoke to his childhood friends who are devastated. >> they say he was shot over a dice came for two hours. why would somebody do that over
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two hours. i was really sad besides he is my best friend and i have known him since he was in elementary school since he was in 2nd grade. >> he was a star football player with more than 100 tackless and he was a star at junior college. we spoke with traffic von's -- tray von's -- traffic von's friends. they are looking into the fatal stabbing of a teenage boy. a football player from san jose high school. yesterday they gathered on campus to light candles and pray. afterwards a young boy was stabbed to death but it appears to be tied to san jose's
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violent street gangs. >> it is sad they are dying over a color for no cause, foolishness. >> the coach says the teenage victim was a young father of a two-year-old son who was trying to leave his gang ties behind. we will hear from him in the next half hour. he has been charged with murdering his girlfriend. he is the double amputee runner who gained fame. they received an overnight call and when they arrived they found the body of his girlfriend, 28-year-old model riva camp. the story is he mistook her for an intruder. >> he was taken in like any other person. >> police say there has been
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previous domestic violence at their home. stay with us for developing stories throughout morning. they are saying police burned down the cabin where christopher dorner was hiding. he said his sheriff's deputies did not set fire to the cabin when they shot tear gas. all signs point to christopher dorner. now los angeles police don't believe anybody should receive the $1 million reward since he was never captured. jim and kim reynolds said the fugitive tied them up and took over a cabin to hide from police. >> he put a pillowcase over our
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heads and tied it real tight. >> after he left, karen reynolds was able to call 911. >> the national rifle association will give a response to president barack obama's state of union address. they will vote on safety measures. several people were in the audience including the parents of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. meantime president barack obama is taking part in a fire side hang out to skulls is fate of the address. the fire side hang out is a modern take on the fire side chats which is scheduled to start 150 our time. rocked by pg&e pipeline, earlier they voted on the fate
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of an elementary school which is a half hour from the site. >> and in santa clara county, a couple said somebody tried to lure an 11-year-old boy into a car. it happened in an under incorrect rated part of gilroy. -- unincorporated part of gilroy. they lured him over to the car and the boy got scared and ran into his house. they say the woman is in her 20s with long dark hair and was in dark clothing at the time. the couple's car was a long tan compact car similar to a mini cooper. four oakland teens will be brought home today by family members. there was a gathering last
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night and music was played as attribute to the victims. older brother david and their sister rape ofel was killed. they suspect the driver may have fallen asleep and the 5th passenger is the only survivor. >> family members say he was airlifted to the medical facility and suffered a cracked spine. he was transported to mobile alabama. these are live pictures but tugboats are towing the disabled ship. more than 4,000 passengers are stuck and have reported
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horrible conditions. they also say food is running out and some people are eating onion sandwiches. the ship is about to dock sometime later today. >> onion sandwiches? >> yes. >> let's switch the topic. shall we? >> happy valentine's day. we are doing well around the bay and this is a look at interstate 880 and driving in oakland, there is some thick fog but not here up the road near the east shore freeway, it is so foggy that we can't see the camera there so it is patchy, here is the bay bridge, you can see it just a few miles away and steve will expands on the fog but just for driving purposes, give yourself an extra few minutes. you never know if you are going
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to drive into the fog northbound on two 80. >> it is getting old and clear and cold, it is a sign high pressure is actually squashing right down on us, watch out for this fog and most of it will burn off. it is hard to seattle light does not pick up but temperatures she crease and it is trapping that fog and it is coming down the last couple of days. everything says warmer weather, at least this week, however forecast models are showing a little bit of cold air but tomorrow mainly by the coast, high pressure is our fair weathered friend and it is moving over us and even san jose, san francisco, a few
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upper 30s and we are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. still a component of a northerly breeze, even an easterly breeze at fso and san jose south, it is very light but it is a little bit of a component of that offshore breeze. maryland, vallejo, san pablo bay. hazy skies, 50s to upper 60s, after the fog burns off gilroy and santa cruz checking in at 60 degrees pretty good on saturday, it does look cooler next week. coming up, the deal is sealed. the american airlines is createinga the biggest airlines, how the merger could change travel in the future. >> it is valentine's day, how much money your sweetheart is
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expected to spend today. it looks good heading down to the bottom of the hill straight ahead.
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good morning there is some thick fog. 4:43 is the time. american airlines and u.s. airways formally announced their merger about an hour ago. they will create the world's largest airlines and we will tell you what this means to travelers. some say the company will provide better service since fewer roots overlap and many connect but many say it will mean less competition and it could lead to higher fares. that he have proposal for a new arena and they say it is
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sticking out not leaving enough room for a ship to dock. they say it is a way to get project backing by state regulators. here is the next decision in the barry bonds case. the case went before a federal appeals court in san francisco yesterday. defense attorneys asked a three judge panel to throw out the conviction for obstruction of justice. it boils down to an answer he gave in 2003 and he was asked whether his personal trainer gave a syringe to inject. >> why couldn't he answer that? >> he did, three times. >> you are still not giving truth etruthful evidence so of course it is obstructive. >> they were investigating the
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scandal and deadlocked on three counts of perjury. >> they believe sugary sodas should be taxed. 68% of voters say they support taxes on soda if the money raised towards health programs. they are not in favor of it and have learned the money was not earmarked for schools. they are testing firefighters for cancer and those -- for cancer and those tested had extremely high levels of tests showing they had a risk for certain cancers. there also showing risks for other types of cancer as well.
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overnight the school board voted to shut down one school this fall. the campus is just half a mile away from the site of the 2010 pg&e pipe -- pg&e pipeline explosion. >> my kids are still having nightmares and i still remember that night. >> the district said they need to close the school because of inned a written rollment -- inadequate enrollment. it gives parents more options on where to sends their kids next -- send their kids next fall. same sex couples will ask for marriage licenses knowing they will be refused. supporters say this year's event takes on an added significance and next month they will hear arguments on
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proposition 8 on same sex marriages. they are expected to spend more with an average of $131 with cards, special candy and dinner and people are expanding their definition of their valentine. they will spend lesson significant others and more and parents friends and kids, still valentine's day is for lovers. >> golden gate bridge, you know please have a romantic is expected to show some thing. the event is scheduled to get underway and a ten des are
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asked to -- people attending are asked to bring trash bags. >> i am so going. time now 4:47, that makes one of us buy buy -- brian. >> i am sneezing just thinking about it. you will be in some clear weather while driving along and you may be able to see the camera behind me. you can barely see the east shore freeway and let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, not quite as foggy but just down the road it is not foggy at all. fog kind of creeps you out as a driver and you have a couple of options, you can leave early or you can take bart, the friend who does not care about fog.
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>> here is the map. >> thank you, let's go to the maps, that traffic is moving along nicely as you head to the high-rise. good morning, steve. >> thank you, sal. >> yes, we have thick fog out there, some areas inland clear, other areas, it is own going to get thicker here. it is a sign -- the bad news is we have some thick fog, the bad news once it burns off it will be sunny and warmer, it is a very dry pattern this week all the way into the weekend. forecast models -- i almost fell out of the chair and maybe next weekend but today and tomorrow you can see the access of the ridge and that's going to warm us up. it is putting the foot down on the fog which is why it is going to low clouds. it is also enough of a puff of a breeze for some.
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southeast north, there is no definite direction but there is enough to mention there is enough of an on shore push. fog sun warmer, hazy skies, temperatures inching up to near 70 degrees and it is kind of a summertime pattern which seems to be out of the gate fast. it still looks good sunday and more so on monday. all right. steve, a massive astroid will not be visible in california when it comes near to earth but you will be able to watch it. it will streamline the approach starting pacific time on the website. the fly by is the closest it has ever come near us.
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a warning in contra costa, the theft that has parts of the concord in dangerously dark conditions.
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. welcome back. santa clara a authorities are -- authorities are searching a home which is filled with an un- - filled with an unknown chemical. they made the discovery during an arrest over gun control policies. >> it was an eye opener when we got here. we didn't expect to find what we did initial little so we are continuing to make the scene safe as we process the evidence. >> he is currently being held without bail. he has a number of charges including threatening a public dignitary official. on the port chicago highway on the bart station, it has been pitch black since thieves stole copper wiring. officials are putting up warning signs due to concerns
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about safety. they plan to install temporary solar lights until permanent lights can be installed. there are new developments we first reported last summer. millions of dollars are supposed to provide realtime data to message board. cal state and 101 is damaged and that means the messages you see on the message boards are not reliable. >> this is something we take seriously and we want as many as possible up and running. >> caltrans is trying to fix the faulty sensors. copper wire thefts and wear and tear contributed to problems with the sensors. they will talk about a fair plan to raise fairs and it will
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increase them every two years and the amount will be tied to inflation. the proposal includes a hike in parking rates and the board will vote on the idea at a later meeting. sal, you said it exactly at the right time, we hit fog? >> yes, and it is thick and we have it if you are driving into fog. traffic is moving along relatively well. i just want to mention it again if you happen to be going to treasure island and some of the lights will may be out and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving well but fog may be thick. 4:55 let's go to steve. >> well, we do have a lot of fog, well i should not say a
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lot but what is there is causing tough driving conditions and we have warm air aloft and it is putting its foot down on the fog. high pressure continues to expand northward so it is moving today and tomorrow and most of saturdays. instead of low 40s we have the entire west coast. areas of fog will give way to sunshine and temperatures will warm up and they will warm up a little bit more today and top out on friday. don't get too used to it because next week is looking colder. let's enjoy the sunshine after that thick fog and more of a
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summertime pattern and then a little cool cooling trend starts on monday. major power outage on treasure island and it looks like governor rick perry is coming home from his tour empty handed. we will be right back.

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